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The IBEX Team

IBEX is staffed by a team of highly seasoned, dedicated professionals with many years of experience in the construction industry.  We have the human resources and technical expertise required to handle the most complex and challenging assignment.

Placing an emphasis on specialized technical knowledge and supervisory expertise as a competitive edge, IBEX focuses on continuous training and skill improvement for the specific requirements of each industry sector.

The IBEX Project Manager, assigned during the pre-construction phase, has complete project responsibility and accountability to the Client, and leads the overall project team.  This structure enables a close and productive relationship between the Client, Architect and IBEX.

By fostering open communication and effective cooperation between all project team members, IBEX is able to insure our clients a resourceful and creative project approach, and highly successful results.  We are committed to honest communication and mutual support to get the job done on time and on budget.